Safety Consulting Group
Technical Rescue Training
Safety Consulting Group, Safety Training, Hazmat Training, Hazardous Materials Training, Hazmat Response Team Training, Building Pre-Planning For Fire Departments, Osha Compliance Training, Nassau County, New YorkSafety Consulting Group provides high quality Technical Rescue Training. Specialties include; Confined Space Rescue, High Angle Rope Rescue and Trench Rescue.

Technical Rescue training is completed as a hands on experience. All courses are customized to your organization’s particular equipment & capability level.
Confined Space Rescue:
Confined Space Awareness
Confined Space Operations
Confined Space Technician
Confined Space Refresher
Customized classes for the confined spaces and conditions located at your facility.
High Angle / Rope Rescue:
Rope Rescue Awareness
Rope Rescue Operations
Rope Rescue Technician
Rope Rescue Refresher
Customized classes for the conditions located at your facility.
Incident Command Training, Utility Hazards Training, Nyc Emergency Management, Technical Rescue Training, Utility Hazard Awareness, Hazards Training Industry, Hazardous Materials Operations, Long Island, New York
Trench Rescue:
Trench Rescue Awareness
Trench Rescue Operations
Advanced Trench Rescue
Intersecting Trenches
“T” Trenches
Deep Trenches
Trench Rescue Refresher
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