Safety Consulting Group
HAZMAT Traning For First Responders
Safety Consulting Group provides high quality Hazardous Materials & Decon Training for First Responders.

All Hazardous Materials training is delivered in accordance with OSHA 29CFR 1910.120(q) and NFPA 472 standards.

Hazmat training can be completed in both a classroom setting or as a hands on experience. All courses are customized to your particular equipment & capability level.
First Responder Clients Include:
Career Fire Departments
Volunteer Fire Departments
Police Departments
Town, Village, & County Public Safety Organizations
Industrial Emergency Response Teams
Office Of Emergency Management Personnel
General Courses:
Hazardous Materials Awareness
Hazardous Materials Operations
Hazardous Materials Technician
Response to Unknown Substances
Metering & Monitoring
Technical Decon
Ambulatory & Non-Ambulatory Decon
Mass Gross Decon
Chemical Protective Clothing
Highway & Rail Transportation
Radiation Response
Street Chemistry
Resources & Computer Programs
Chlorine Response
Propane Response
Weapons of Mass Destruction
Custom Hazmat Classes to suit your needs
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