Safety Consulting Group
Drill Develoment & Execution
Utility Hazard Awareness, Hazards Training Industry, Hazardous Materials Operations, Hazmat Specialist Employee, Osha Hazmat Refresher, Emergency Response, Fire Technology, Long Island, New YorkPre-Planning & Training are the most important components to the successful outcome of an emergency situation. The best method to evaluate your capabilities is by conducting exercises.

Safety Consulting Group employs instructors and drill evaluators who are experts in their fields, along with Master Exercise Practitioners who can plan and conduct exercises and drills on the local, state and federal level.

Whether we are evaluating your Emergency Response plan, Evacuation Plan or developing a tabletop, functional or full scale exercise, we tailor it to your needs. Our team has developed and performed exercises for Fortune 500 companies, Federal, State & Local Government agencies as well as businesses in the public & private sector.
Sample Drills:
Hazardous Materials
Technical Rescue
Incident Command
Emergency Response
Industrial Emergency Response
Natural Disaster
Building Pre-Planning For Fire Departments, Osha Compliance Training, Incident Command Training, Utility Hazards Training, Nyc Emergency Management, Technical Rescue Training, Nassau County, New York
Exercise Types:
Full Scale
Safety Consulting Group, Safety Training, Hazmat Training, Hazardous Materials Training, Hazmat Response Team Training
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